Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's been goin' on...

The biggest news to happen is that I am going to be grandmother. My eldest son and his partner, Candace, are expecting at the end of November. I am very excited for them and for myself (because it's still all about me). Their lives will change, their priorities will shift and they will be so grateful for it. I haven't decided if I'll be a nan, grandma or nanny yet but I think the baby will decide that. My friend has told me the Arabic for grandma is teita and I like that alot.
News from Facebook...heaps of people have found myself and my husband, added us as friends and we have been astounded with the whole social network thingy. It has been good to catch up with people we haven't seen in years and find out what they've been up to. How cool is it that you can find people all over the world, have a conversation with them or just read what they are interested in or doing? Fascinating.
We had visitors from home come and stay with us over Easter. That was nice. We hadn't seen them for ages sounds like we live the lives of hermits....It was great to relax, eat lots of food and drink wine and talk and eat more food and drink some more wine on and on and on....
We had a huge weekend a couple of weeks ago in Tamworth. There was a fundraiser for a friend of ours who has motor neurones disease and nearly $10000 was raised. Country Music people are soooo generous. It was a great turnout with over 400 people attending and Kootingal Bowling Club went off..the jam at the end of the night was awesome to hear and see.
I received my copy of the Humans Rights journal that published my poem, "The Burden of Choice". The Goodis Centre have done a wonderful job on its presentation. The eclectic mix of artists, poets, authors, playwrites and intellectuals is amazing. I am so proud to have been invited to be part of the First Edition.

The piece above is my sons thumb print which I moulded in Silver Clay. I love it. It's the first one I did but I think it is such a personal piece. I have since made one for a friends mum and he has ordered two more for his daughters. I just love the idea that you can wear something so intimate and keep it forever handing it down through generations, it's part of the family history.

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