Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Gaza Flotilla Massacre

This is a letter I have just sent to my government in response to the massacre of the Free Gaza Flotilla by Israel. I am so tired of being insignificant and feeling useless to do anything to help. My suffering and frustration is nothing compared to that of the Palestinian people and this makes me feel worse.

Dear Mr Smith and Mr Rudd,

I am demanding that you, as my respresentative, do something in response to the attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla by Israel. It is way past the time that you, and our government, should let the Israeli government know that we Australians are against their brutal seige on Gaza and against their policies of collective punishment, dehumanisation of the Palestinian people and of the arrogant behaviour in the face of International Law. Enough is way too much. Our silence has contributed to this incident and to Israel believing that they have a law unto themselves. I am angry, frustrated and saddened by our lack of committment to the people of Palestine......imagine for one minute how you would survive living in Gaza under the most inhumane me, you wouldn't. Step up and do something that will make us proud of our government and stop the seige of Israel, it affects all people in all countries...the suffering is not just limited to the people of Palestine. It's time to end this.

Davina Johnson

Sunday, May 30, 2010


A Wren, A Swan
A Hand, A Glove
A Stream, A Creek
A Sigh, A Whisper
A Petal, A Leaf
A Wave, A Ripple
A Smile, A Frown
A Breeze, A Wind
A Mound, A Hill
A Shadow, A Mirage
A Difference, A Similarity
A Reason, An Inspiration
A Memory, A Thought
All these things,
So close yet distant
Are my expression that the best friends
Are those who, through their differences,
Evoke thought, compassion and love.

This is my new tattoo. Renae at Alien Art did an incredible job of transposing it from Kakayi's art work onto my arm. When it fully heals the red shading will be a bit more subtle. I love it and I am so honoured to have it as a part of me forever. 
"Freedom Never Die"

I spent last weekend with my sons in Newcastle. It was so beautiful to spend time with them instead of doing a running visit. Every time I see them though it makes me realise how much I miss them.

My mood when I come back home!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friends I've never met and my next tattoo!!!!

Below is a picture of my next tattoo....this piece of beautiful artwork was specially created for me by a famous master calligrapher, Kakayi. He is a wonderfully generous man who lives in Belgium but originates from Kirkuk, south of Kurdistan. I found his work on the net and asked if I could use one of his pieces for a tattoo. He immediately replied and I explained that I am very passionate about Palestine and human rights. He offered to do a drawing in the diwani style of Arabic script and suggested the words "freedom never die". To me, these are hopeful words and words that echo my feelings for all people who are seeking freedom.
His response was ;
HI Davina i promesd you and i made in one good moment the calligraphy
i sent it in this a ttachment in a large format i hope that you well like it its not easy but but i have a very nice result
it is in diwani scripts ( Al huriyyatu la tamutu ) freedome never die injoy it after that i well loaded up in my own website and in the facebook also for the freedome of people every where greetings kakayi- Belgium

Kakayi is a friend I've never met.
Now I have to find a tattooist that will do this justice.
I am planning a trip to Palestine for my 50th birthday next year. A friend in Nablus has extended a kind hand and heart and said I could stay with her. She is warm, intelligent and very creative. She is the person who inspired me to do jewelry making. Another friend who lives in Jordan has said I can also stay with her and she'll take me to Petra and a few other places. A friend in Kuwait has offered to provide me with a motorbike so I can ride around with him and his friends if I go there. A friend from Australia is in Palestine at the moment and has been sending updates, stories and pictures back here. My friend is Nablus sent me her phone number to pass on to him so they might meet up while he is there. He has assured me that if they do meet he will take a photo of her for me.
These are all friends I've never met and their kindness and generosity makes me more determined to save and get over there to meet them. I know that they are all sincere in their offerings and I am honoured and grateful.
A man in Nigeria saw my necklaces on the net and asked if he could buy one. I told him that if he picked one that I still had I would send it to him as a gift. There were 10 pictures and the necklace he chose was the only one that I actually still had in the house. I thought that was an omen...he was meant to have it. So I posted it to him. Unfortunately I didn't write AIRMAIL on the envelope so it will take ages to get to Nigeria...but it will get there.
Wilfred's necklace

Imagine all the great people and opportunities you miss if you never reach out.