Sunday, May 30, 2010


A Wren, A Swan
A Hand, A Glove
A Stream, A Creek
A Sigh, A Whisper
A Petal, A Leaf
A Wave, A Ripple
A Smile, A Frown
A Breeze, A Wind
A Mound, A Hill
A Shadow, A Mirage
A Difference, A Similarity
A Reason, An Inspiration
A Memory, A Thought
All these things,
So close yet distant
Are my expression that the best friends
Are those who, through their differences,
Evoke thought, compassion and love.

This is my new tattoo. Renae at Alien Art did an incredible job of transposing it from Kakayi's art work onto my arm. When it fully heals the red shading will be a bit more subtle. I love it and I am so honoured to have it as a part of me forever. 
"Freedom Never Die"

I spent last weekend with my sons in Newcastle. It was so beautiful to spend time with them instead of doing a running visit. Every time I see them though it makes me realise how much I miss them.

My mood when I come back home!


  1. Hey Dev..I love the work you have done on glad we caught up last week....hope to see you both soon...

    love Julie..

  2. Thanks Julie. I like to keep this as my diary sort of thing. The folks and family can catch up on what's going on in my world. we just had tea with Todd's folks. They are driving through from the Gold Coast back home and decided to come inland considering all the storms etc on the coast. Catch up soon.