Sunday, March 14, 2010


Everyone has been telling me for ages that I should join Facebook. I did join ages ago but never used seemed to complicated and I'm not that social. But I have renewed enthusiasm now. I went on this morning because my sister added me as a friend, which I thought was nice after only being her sister for 45 years. Then I started looking around and discovered all sorts of interesting things. I added some friends of my own, had a chat with a charming man in Gaza and also chatted to my sister (who was not much help in answering my questions about Facebook). I admit that I am a convert. I promise not to add my son as a friend though...that could be embarrassing for both of us and I respect his privacy. I also promise my niece that I will continue to call it Facebook and not The Facebook - she has this idea that old people call it The Facebook. Getting back to my previous post, I now have another avenue to find people who I can annoy. Yeah for me.....

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