Saturday, August 1, 2009

4000 Kites - A Moment

4000 children with kites in hand

release them skyward above a land

drenched in suffering, plagued by spite.

The kites climb steadily into the light.

4000 kites tussle for space

elation, excitement show on each face

of the children who hold the string.

The kites ascend and start to sing.

4000 voices of air unite

flapping, laughing spirits in flight

soar over figures below who look up in awe

as the sky is blocked out by this colourful score.

4000 strings between kites and hands

struggle to do what the wind demands

but they hold fast, they do their best

to do what these tiny hands request.

4000 faces alight with glee

watch as their kites sail high and free.

In a window of time their hopes too have flown.

A moment to cherish until they are grown.

1000000 people watch from outside

in another world, tears of joy cried

because our hopes rise with every kite

today, my friends, freedom is in sight.

1000000 people towards you blow

to keep the kites aloft and show

that we are with you, though we are apart

and one day we'll touch...not just with our heart.


  1. awesome Divine one. My heart is with you too.

  2. and we have, already touched
    your words.... and my heart.
    And Davina,your urge for justice,
    am sure, will never fall apart!!!
    Haifa Shawwa