Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to my Necklaces

I've been doing some more "beading" today. Although it was a gorgeous day I got so engrossed in making jewellery that I didn't even venture outside.
A friend of mine has a webite that is worth having a look at. It is
I have also been twittering....not what I expected. It's just like verbal voyeurism really. You can follow heaps of celebs and see what they're up to but they more than likely won't ever get any messages you send unless they follow you. Confused??
Day off tomorrow...yeah! I might catch up on the news of the world. See what horrible things we are doing to each this time, still. It's hard to get your head around that the people who instigate appalling situations are basically people like us, with issues no doubt, but still only human beings. What, or who gives, them the right to inflict atrocities, humilitiation or degradation on others? I suppose we are all complicit by our silences.

Does it make you feel small
that your voice isn't heard?
Do you wish you had courage to act?
No that's just absurd.
What could you do to ease someone's plight?
What we could do is stand up and fight.
Not with our guns or with our hand
Fight with our numbers, woman and man.
Put it out there that we're as angry as hell
And soon enough our numbers will swell.
Then they will listen, we won't be ignored
Maybe then peace & dignity will be restored.


  1. My dear Davina
    are those your own wordings...even if they are not, you made my heart twitch and ache, craving for justice, a normal life and peace.
    i publicly proclaim my admiration of your courage ,speaking up your opinion to the world.
    I am proud to have a friend such as your respected self.
    Haifa Shawwa
    your palestinian friend

  2. Really well put - your words are very moving!

    I would love to stay in touch on Twitter - I am @aflyonthewall

    BTW - I found you thanks to our mutual jewelry friend - Haifa!

    Robyn Hawk