Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Nature of Mother Nature

I have had some free time lately and I've been thinking about where I fit in the big scheme of things. No answers yet on that one....
A poem I wrote about what we are doing and bringing upon's not good news.

The Nature of Mother Nature
We were graced with this earth and given the tools
To develop and exist, to abide by her rules
How cruel we can be to others on this sphere
Whose differences cause panic through ignorance and fear.
She guided us gently with love in her heart
She’d send us a warning when we strayed from her path
But we heeded nothing and continued, now comes her wrath.
Her hope is fading, her patience gone.
She’s sighing, her exasperated breath forcing our homes to rubble
She’s crying, tears flooding rivers, oceans rising
She’s trembling with anger, her ire shaking the land
Her heart is breaking, torn apart by her children’s malevolence.
Greed is the scourge that’s destroying our planet.
Wanting more, taking yours making it mine.
Adjusting the rules and history so we succeed.
The faces change but the deeds are the same.
Some have tried to show us the truth.
But they were slain for their honesty.
What is our future? How will this end?
We are answering to her now
The most formidable foe we have faced.
We need to grow up from the delinquents we are
Get on with the task of getting along.
Appease her, calm her, show her we are worthy.

It's a bit dark, but so are these times. I hope we can mend.

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