Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Sons...

This is my oldest doin' what he loves the beach

This is my youngest...pensive
Thinking alot about my sons today...this is them. They might get snarky about me putting their faces out there for all my world to see. Oh well!!!! It's not like I joined Facebook so I can haunt and embarrass them.
I also caught up with a friend of mine today whom I hadn't seen or spoken to for about 30 years. I was a bit anxious about talking to her, wondering what to say, how it would go etc etc etc.
But we just seemed to pick up where we had left off...with lots of catching up of course. I found it really extraordinary. It was great finding out about her family and where life has taken her and it was good telling her about mine. We just fitted back in.
I also got an email from a friend in Palestine a few days ago. She has started a new blog about "normal" life in Palestine. Have a look at her first story..I found it amazing, honest and hopeful.
Her blog is


    lol :D <3

  2. I do have a very brooding look about me in this picture dont I?