Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Burden of Choice

I hope that next year brings changes
I hope next year you’re free of dangers
I hope next year you have only one burden
And that’s the burden of choice.
To choose to talk freely without fear of reprisals
To decide how to express yourself with no recrimination
To opt to travel by whatever means
To select your friends from the millions worldwide
To pick from a vast array of foods to feed your family
To have a desire that can be fulfilled
To want something small and be able to get it
To wish for peace and see the possibility
To favour freedom without facing hostility
To prefer to stay in your family home and not be in fear of eviction
To fancy all these choices as if they were a given
I make choices every day
I have that luxury
I elect to continue to be vocal
To determine outcomes I know to be right
I choose to do what I do
To have choices, you need freedom
That is my dream for you.

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